Exclusive Technology

Quantum Noise Resonator

This is one audio dedicated power processor that has been developed in perfect balance, and is built for the essential of music, and has spent for years, without any compromise of the actual listening and tuning.

Telos QBT Cable Run-in Machine

The core of the machine consists of a crystal oscillator feeding a 70-watt amplifier module, the module drives a load before entering the in-house developed control system. From the logic of the control system, current required for each cable will be adjusted on the fly.

Telos Quantum Acoustics Diffuser

In the field of Quantum Mechanics, quantum electrodynamics describes the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter. According to Maxwell equations, with time varying electric field generates a time varying magnetic field and vice versa. Therefore, an oscillating electric field will produce a magnetic field oscillation, and an oscillating magnetic field will, in turn, produce an oscillating electric field.