”Establish the possible and move gradually towards the impossible „

Robert Fripp

We are a group of friends who share love of music and equipment allowing for enjoying music at home. After many years devoted to this hobby, we came to conclusions which led us to undertaking the challenge of becoming present in the audio world and to propose a philosophy of listening to music which we enjoy the most – as well as components which, in our opinion, are the most helpful in it.

What sound, according to which methodology, what acoustics, what variables… These and similar questions gave us sleepless nights and did not allow us to derive pleasure from listening to our favourite records. Thus, we came to the conclusion that listening and the pleasure derived from it is such an individual matter that everybody should find their own answers in accordance with their own tastes and in a way allowing for satisfying such tastes, regardless of theories.

What can we do to help you make a decision? As it seems, we should propose solutions which for us, for a group of friends, but also for a sizeable number of satisfied audiophiles in the world has hit the bull’s-eye. And here we come to the answer to the question why Jeff Linn and his Telos Audio Design.

The answer is very simple. Apart from positive changes which Telos Audio Design components may bring, we are convinced that against general opinions, there are individuals that rise above mediocrity. Individuals who are not driven only by profits or minimization of costs but drawing satisfaction form the creation of possibly the best solutions. We deal with such an approach in the case of the Telos company which is led by Jeff Linn and his charming wife Branda.



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