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Amare Musica Silver Passive Power Station

Amare Musica Silver Passive Power Station

Branda Signature Power Cable 1.5M

Telos ROSE GOLD brings audiophiles a brand new luxury auditory feeling. Better micro-moving performance !

Bigger moving comparative! Mellower the sound density is !

Gold Reference Power cable MKII 1,5m

The all new Gold Reference MKII is equipped with Far Infrared Technology Far Infrared is an electromagnetic radiation of 4 – 400 micrometers wavelength;it is widely used in medical treatment as the wavelength is very close to human body's radiation wavelength.Far Infrared is a form of photon and does not carry any electrical charge. In particle physics, photon is an elementary particle which could influence other particles.

Pass Labs X-250 stereo amplifier

Pass Labs X-250 stereo amplifier

Telos Platinum Reference Speaker cable 2,0m.

Telos Platinum Reference series supersedes the Golden Reference series as the top of the line products. The Platinum Reference series is built as the state-of-the-art products, fulfilling the cravings of audiophiles worldwide to have the most non-compromising standard in audio performance.

TELOS pure copper gold plated cable stand

The cable stand you see and hear today is the final result of Telos Audio Design’s redefinition of what an ideal cable stand should be. Milled to minute precision, polished to perfection and finished to flawless classiness with 24k gold plating, be prepared for a whole new dimension of musical experience!