New Products

Adapters for Biwire Speakers

Quantum Cap MK II

TELOS new cap, leaded-in the TELOS tuning technology, which greatly enhance your listening experience to cover product!
Let the caps became not only covers, but the best stereo accessories you looking for.

Telos Audio Design TD-04R Power Distributor

As a world renowned cables and accessories manufacturer, we have never given up in facing challenges and achieving breakthroughs. Even when designing the power distributor, a product which has been done to death, the Principal Designer, Jeff Lin, still insisted on applying creativity to make something that is different from what others have done. The product has to bring unprecedented improvements, otherwise, it would be going against the brand values held so strongly by Telos Audio Design.

Telos Gold Plated High Purity Copper XLR to RCA Adaptor

To make this adaptor, special copper alloy and accurate CNC manufacturing process are used. High precision latch is used to improve the tightness and increase the surface of contact between connector and equipment .

TELOS QBT-18 Ultra Bandwidth Fuse

Traditional "audiophile grade" fuses are normally made using different materials for electroplating the surface of the contact area. However, this method directly imposes colorations to the resulting sound.


Dear audio lovers, regarding no-fuse switches, do you still stand for using power lines and switches with few limited choices from the market?