Gold Reference Plug

Once the signal first starts to transmit, there are many obstacles to go through before music is reproduced. Among them, various terminals to relay signals are more important.

Platinum Reference Plug

As everybody knows, when mentioning precious metals, "White Gold" will never be forgotten. It can be categorized into pure white gold "Platinum" and the compound white gold called "White Karat Gold" by common people.

TELOS pure copper gold plated cable stand

Looking at the available products in the market today, there is almost no cable stand that is designed and made with high density materials.

Jeff was particularly concerned on the performance of these products. The lighter materials used would not be very effective in controlling resonance within the cable that is supported.


Dear audio lovers, regarding no-fuse switches, do you still stand for using power lines and switches with few limited choices from the market?

Titanium Cone

Pure titanium is called "Aerospace Metal." Sometimes it is even known as "Space Metal" because it has steady and outstanding features such as high and low temperature tolerance, strong acid and base resistance, high intensity and lightweight, low density, and ultra abrasion resistance.