Titanium Cone


Pure titanium is called “Aerospace Metal.” Sometimes it is even known as “Space Metal” because it has steady and outstanding features such as high and low temperature tolerance, strong acid and base resistance, high intensity and lightweight, low density, and ultra abrasion resistance.

However, due to the difficulty of refining pure titanium and arduous work of treatment after it is refined, the cost of pure titanium is exceedingly high. Pure titanium that could be used in the aerospace industry and used to manufacture space technology products also possesses great resonance resistance.

Telos deeply understands how great of an effect vibration has on sound; hence we chose pure titanium to make stereo products. The invention of a Pure Titanium Cone drains out the excrescent vibration of audio equipment. With the integration of ultra low resonance of titanium and applied mechanics, unique cone-like structure made of titanium is designed in index curve style which can promptly conduct the vibration of the equipment out, then effectively lead the vibration into the ground or any touched surface and return the true nature of music.

Additionally, since the equipment is not affected by the excessive vibration anymore, the music momentum to the surroundings feels stronger and the steadiness of the audio equipment will give you a new impression on cones.

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