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Dear audio lovers, regarding no-fuse switches, do you still stand for using power lines and switches with few limited choices from the market?

Then, you should try our brand new item: power switch set: TELOS QBT-199 developed by TELOS team. This brand new item: QBT-199 is based on the ideas from audio lovers. Of course, it is an essential product for them.

1‧The body is produced with the switches, which are usually used for French Ferraz Shawmut manufacture machines.

2‧The safety fuse is produced with the fuses, which are usually used for Bussmann instruments.

3‧Each switch body and safety fuse is progressed through 36 hours of controlling temperature and cryogenic treatment under 196 degree Celsius.

4‧Each switch body and safety fuse is swept frequently through the exclusive TELOS QBT ultra bandwidth RUN machine with 0-100hz 8amp current repeatedly for 199 hours. (about 8 days for the ripening period)

Overall performance of QBT-199 is much better than other brands in the market, such as Fuji, Siemens, and other suppliers for the no fuses-switches.


To the power set lovers, welcome to try it!

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