Quantum Cap MK II

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TELOS design team, is trying to challenge players in a sensory limits
2014 TELOS officially launched a new thinking metal cap. TELOS new cap, leaded-in the TELOS tuning technology, which greatly enhance your listening experience to cover product! Let the caps became not only covers, but the best stereo accessories you looking for. Each one TELOS quantum protective cap must be completed by the addition through processing 140 hours of tuning process! To cover upgrades to quantum protective caps from the general ones! Each of them is unique to share the effort of TELOS to everybody!

Step1: 36 hours of super- cold treatment.Utilizing the ultra-low temperature -196 degrees, changing the molecular structure of the copper conductor, so the molecular arrangement more closely. Improve the density of material.

Step2: 99 hours of TELOS exclusive QBT quantum wire running machine handling.To ensure that each protective cap has been handled over 24V 8A amp overclocking voltage signal 0 ~ ~ 50000Hz width ripening, completely open the full bandwidth of protective cap, to skip the shortcoming processes in the past, that a protective cap takes a long term ripening. More importantly, it can eliminate past repression, poor and boring, such shortcomings.

Step3: TELOS create a new “Q quantum insulating material”! No longer in general use Teflon insulation material, innovative insulating material imported exclusively developed by quantum! TELOS special insulating material is introduced into the quantum Q “far infrared technology of composite plastic”, can significantly resolve the previous shortcomings of Teflon insulation, that it used to be the isolation only for the high-frequency sound! The new TELOS Q special damping formula, can significantly improve the high-frequency and smooth sense of sophistication, so it becomes thick but not greasy, low-frequency has density and elasticity! Provide ultra- clear micro dynamic!

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