Platinum Reference Plug


As everybody knows, when mentioning precious metals, “White Gold” will never be forgotten. It can be categorized into pure white gold “Platinum” and the compound white gold called “White Karat Gold” by common people.

Platinum is characterized by high density, great malleability and good thermal and electric conductivity, with a higher price compared to gold. To lead in the magnificent timbre of platinum, Telos particularly plated 24 K platinum on refined copper. Furthermore, for the sake of maintaining the consistence of music signals during transmission, we especially developed the Platinum Reference.

Terminal Series to let the same kind of wire stock in this series have more compatibility. Reaching complete balance and fluency of resonance create white-gold like brilliance and great magnificent in the music.

Adding exclusive formulated materials makes the various terminals unify their resonance, completely achieving Telos’ technical concept of mechanic balance.

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