Gold Reference Series


Black Reference Series inherited all the technical knowhow from both the Golden Reference Series and the Platinum Signature Series. All the knowledge and experience from creating the Golden Reference Series and the Platinum Signature Series have been trickled down to develop the Black Reference Series.

The aim of this is to achieve a total price reduction of 50% from the Golden Reference Series, while providing no less than 80% of the performance from the Golden Reference Series. The design and outlookof the Black Reference Series fully conform to the design principles of Telos Audio Design.

The Black Reference Series is uncompromising in terms of materials and every cable is relentlessly handcrafted. The sound of the new Black Reference Series is well balanced, transparent and high in density throughout the extended frequency response. This will break and surpass the performance threshold achieved by any cable within the price bracket, thus, setting the new benchmark for the rest to catch up.

Telos Golden Reference stringent quality requirements

  • extremely high purity oxygen-free copper conductors.
  • Optimized crystalization process with Telos Special Cryogenic Treatment
  • Telos Copper and 24 carat Gold-Plated Power Plugs (15A or 20A).
  • Telos Copper and 24 carat Gold-Plated Rings Resonators
  • Telos high purity copper and 24 carat Gold plated connectors
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